WHERE?This feature of the mobile application will pinpoint where in the world you are or where you would like to meet. This box does not geotag your location. The text box is where you write a 120 word description of where you are.  Video is also available as a quick creative median to show where you are. When messaging you can choose to text or video with a message expiration time. Below is a text and video example.

  • in or to what place or position.
    “where do you live?”
WHERE? – Las Vegas, Nevada. Where the new location of 9th Island Roastery is going to be built. Its where we want you to join us

You’ll notice this is example is posses both “in or to”. The purpose WHERE is to join two points and connect them to one point.

Video is for all you Snap fans out there. The video length is limited to 1:30 and can either be in color or black and white. Videos help to pinpoint more detail about where you are. This allows you to bridge the gap of where in terms of online to offline . It also allows you to put some depth to where you are.