• “when did you last see him?”
  • “Saturday is the day when I get my hair done.”
  • at or during the time that.
    “I loved being at the kona coffee farm when I was in Hawaii”
WHEN? – Shipped the roasted coffee to the local coffee shop. Im excited to use Coffee Traveler mobile application to see when you taste the first cup. Lets meet at 3:00pm.

You’ll notice this is pinpointing when a future time arrives or planning for when we can meet. The purpose of written WHEN? is to create a frame of reference for a time past, present, or future.

Video is for all you Snap fans out there. The video length is limited to 1:30 and can either be in color or black and white. Videos to Help t  you are, allowing you to capture the who in the environment. It also allows you to put some depth to who you are.

So WHO? are you?