WHAT?This feature of the mobile application will be like a comment and request box . The text box is where you create a 120 word description of what you have or what you need.  Video is also available as a quick creative median to show what you have our need. When messaging you can choose to text or video with a message expiration time. Below is a text and video example.

  • “what is your name?”
  • “what we need is a great coffee”
  • “what type of coffee is it?”
WHAT? – A mobile application that tracks coffee from farm to cup. This is a mobile application that helps map a bright future. What we need is you to invest in it so we can build it.

This purpose of the WHAT button is to define what you have or need.

Video is for all you Snap fans out there. The video length is limited to 1:30 and can either be in color or black and white. Videos to visualize more about what you are, allowing you to shape the what of you. It also allows you to put some definition and picture to what you have or need.