Grouchy John’s Coffee

Grouchy Johns on Maryland and Wigwam is an artistic and cultured local coffee shop. They have a steady local flow of loyal locals, however is a inviting treat for new guests. The coffee menu has an assortment of proprietary in house creations, but offers all the classic options. They have a taste that endures days and days of the same coffee… similar to the consistency of Starbucks. They offer a selection of pastries and food to satisfy your hunger.


There is ample seating in the back of the shop for big group get togethers or simply studying for all professions. The
front of the shop offers another area of seating that’s more for individuals or a life changing coffee date. The outside offers seating for when the weathers perfect. It’s also a smoking area for those who like to have a coffee and cigarette. If you are on the go be sure to stop in the drive thru that’s open 24 hours a day. It’s easy access allows for quick service where you can get something other then mainstream Starbucks.

Grouchy Johns offers a cool loyalty program that allows you to earn points toward your next free coffee. The collection of books and games in house are huge. You can purchase locally crafted art pieces as a keepsake or to support local. They definitely cater to the Starwars fan base… may the force be with you.

Be sure to follow my future posts for reviews on specific drinks and creations the have on the menu.

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