Gabbi Coffee and Bakery


Gabi Coffee and Bakery is located at 5808 Spring Mountain Suite 104 between Decatur and Jones. This coffee and bakery shop is exsquisitely unique. The ambiance is that of a old charming arbitrarium. A place where one stores arbitrary thoughts… and delicious coffees and baked goods. It’s based off of the Chosun Empire which is a blend of oriental and western influence. They have a backdrop green house which is where the bakery prepares all their delicious treats. There is stadium seating, shared community bar top seating, and also a collection of tables to sit at.

The menu offers pour over coffees, all the normal steamed milk coffee drinks, and an assortment of their own unique lattes. Their goal is to be a premium coffee shop and bakery that appeals in a multi sensory fashion of past and future. The store has a small micro roasting machine that roasts their select coffees. They serve all their coffees in unique cup ware and have a styled service theme where staff presents coffee on vintage trays.

The entrance is unmarked but does have a large wooden vintage style door that seems to lure people in. Interestingly with no name on the outside the inside stays busy. To me that says a lot about their word of mouth marketing and their in-house appeal. I look forward to doing reviews on their coffee and bakery menu in the near future. Check out the spot for yourself and let me know what you think. I promise you’ll enjoy yourself and your guests will too.

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