Flat Track Coffee is located in East Austin at 1619 E Cesar Chavez St. If you don’t have a way to get there, perfect, because you can purchase a bike while enjoying your coffee. Then you’ll have no reason not to visit again.

Flat Track Coffee is a sub divided coffee shop and bike shop. They coffee shop is functionally smooth with a two tap espresso machine and roaster located in the back. There’s ample seating for guests, which included a bar top a

nd shared big table community seating. When the weathers great there’s outside seating. I decided to enjoy a macchiato for my first visit and it was done at a pro status. The milk was balanced equally to the espresso. The design and top off gave it a clean look in the small ceramic in house cup. The taste was medium bodied with some earthy notes. All around solid.

They’ve got a streamlined menu and have a merchandise area with coffees for purchase. Be sure to stop in and check out this cool local shop when you’re in Austin Texas. They have the second highest reviews on yelp and bolster sustainability with the bike and pedestrian movement. Look forward to checking you out next time. Aloha.

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