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Coffee Farmers are an important part of our global coffee industry. Coffee Traveler is on a mission to showcase the story behind every cup of coffee. The environment that coffee grows in is extremely diverse. Its diversity is complex in so many fascinating ways. From the farmer, which can be a family provider, to a cooperative farm manager, to a retiree who has dreamed of one day toiling the soils of their very own farm, are just several examples. Each coffee growing region holds its very own traditions and values when it comes to farming. These are things that are truly priceless when it comes to the cost of a cup of coffee.

Our goal is to use modern science to help showcase coffee farmers and the coffee that they cultivate. We are starting small, but have a mission to reach at least one coffee farmer in every coffee growing region of the world. Our mission is to simply provide them with a blank palate to transparently allow them to tell their story. We believe that coffee farmers in rural regions of our planet have been underprivileged in the sense of recognition or simply being accessible. The cost to market their coffees and their story is sometimes more then the can afford. Here at Coffee Traveler we believe every story should be heard.

We will stay committed to bolstering coffee farmers, big or small, by authentically giving them access to a social platform that values the equity that they contribute to the entire coffee industry. Will help educate and inform them of tools, resources, and standards that will elevate their business. Fair trade is much more then a price and we hope that you can help shape the true definition of that meaning. Now lets begin our journey by starting in HAWAII, which is the only coffee farming region in the United States of America. Mahalo for your support.

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